Thank you for visiting and shopping at Kennie Mas!

All Kennie Mas fetish wear, lingerie, and swimwear, & clothing is made in our studio, now located in Sudbury, ON Canada. All orders are made to order, which means, we do not have any stock, and once an order is placed, that is when we begin the process of making it (cutting, sewing, packaging). This process allows us to create individual & unique pieces, while also providing a wide variety of sizing, and pouch sizes. This is the structure that works for our business at the time being.

It is for this reason that our processing time typically is anywhere between 14-27 business days, however at busy times of the year it can take longer. We work very hard everyday to ensure we get orders out as fast as we can, while also maintaining a high level of quality.

Please understand that when you place an order with us it is going to take some time.

If you need your garment for an event, or a certain date, please send us a email so we can make sure your order is received in time.

If you need an item/s by a date that is under our typical processing time, then please send us an email so we can let if you know if it'd be possible.

You can cancel your order at any point before we have cut it. Once your order has been cut we will not be able to cancel your order.

At any time feel free to send us an DM, email at, or via here if you have any questions or concerns :)

New York Times

"Kennie Mas, a namesake men’s lingerie and fetish-wear brand founded in 2018 in Toronto, also came out of the L.G.B.T. world..."

Queer Voices

"Wear that sexy lingerie from Kennie Mas that makes your bum look great a little more often, show some skin, do your hair and makeup and put a little more perfume than usual. He will definitely notice..."


"Local lingerie-maker Kennie Mas makes over-the-top sexy, shiny, sparkly gayyy undies we love..."


"These influences are making a comeback, and with the rise of inclusive fashion, designers are continuing to open the door for men to get creative with self-expression. “The more feminine the pieces are, I find the more they sell,” said the owner behind lingerie brand Kennie Mas..."


"Fashion Art Toronto blends and bends mediums in a five-day festival
filled with film, photography and more than 50 runway shows. This year features work from Canadian designers Yukon Tough, Gemine Design and Kennie Mas, a performance..."


"If you don’t even want the jockstrap lines, may we recommend local
lingerie maker Kennie Mas. His men’s lingerie, thongs chaps and swimwear
are like jockstraps on acid. "


"Queer aesthetic comes hard and heavy via a bunch of local designers, including Kennie Mas. Designer T.Ken Lampkin's poufy..."

Kennie Mas x F.A.T 2022



"Tyler Lampkin is a fashion designer and artistic entrepreneur with one
simple goal, to reinvent how mainstream culture understands men’s
fashion. Inspired by the creativity of the LGBT community.."