Founded in 2018, KENNIE MAS is a lingerie & swimwear brand dedicated to helping you fearlessly celebrate your body and sexuality. Drawing inspiration from queer expression in fashion and art, KENNIE MAS crushes the norms of

male underwear style and serves up refreshingly risqué pieces that bridges the
heteronormative fashion divide.


KENNIE MAS is a proudly Canadian business with all elements based in Toronto.
From sourcing to manufacturing, all sides of the business are within walking
distance of Queen St West and the Fashion District. Although manufactured in
Toronto, this is no local brand. In fact, KENNIE MAS has a global footprint with
primary presence across not only North America but also Europe and Australasia.


Although inspired by the traditional aesthetics of queer fashion, KENNIE MAS
isn’t exclusively for the LGBTQIA+ community. As Founder & Head Designer
Kennie puts it, ‘Our brand is dedicated to pushing for a kinder and judgement
free world by breaking down the walls within fashion, it’s all about challenging
the way we see ourselves and is about building a community where we can
feel safe & confident wearing whatever we want regardless of our gender or
how we look.’